R&D Catheter Development
The NuMED R&D Department is responsible for the design feasibility testing, FDA testing, and introduction of many catheter designs. These designs include the PTA Catheters along with many other varied catheter configurations, such as: Latex balloon catheters, high pressure balloon catheters up to 40mm (compliant and non-compliant), conductance catheters, PTCA catheters, OB/GYN catheters, PTV catheters, and other custom designed catheters.  

NuMED utilizes its own extrusion facility for extremely fast turnaround times and can usually provide prototype products in a matter of weeks. NuMED has the ability to bring a project from the conceptual phase into full production with documentation and FDA GMP requirements in place.

NuMED Experience & Know How
Drawing from the cardiovascular and catheter experience of NuMED’s qualified engineering personnel, many new catheter designs are accessible. NuMED supplies full confidentiality of all designs and is willing to work with any manufacturer, designer, or health care professional.

NuMED has experience working with and extruding a full range of catheter materials including, but not limited to: Polyethylene, Polyurethane, Polyamide, Polyester, Elastomers, PET, and Thermoplastic. 

NuMED can manufacture catheter balloons to specifications from Polyethylene, Polyurethane, PET, Nylon, Latex, and Silicone.  

NuMED, Inc. Works With You!!!
If you have an idea that needs developing, call NuMED, Inc. to the task. NuMED, Inc.’s Research and Development Department is where the ideas of today become tomorrow's realities. That is why NuMED has an “Open Ear” policy to physicians and designers. Our willingness to work directly with physicians and designers helps NuMED meet the demanding needs of today’s medical community.


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